Advice: How to Relieve Canine Car Sickness

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Buckaroo Tackles Dog Car Sickness


Dear Buckaroo,

I have a four month old Labradoodle named Ollie who frequently gets ill on car rides.  What can I do about dog car sickness?  


Emily in Richmond, VA


Dear Emily,

My buddy, Thunderbear, used to get car sick when he was a puppy. Kemosabe told me it was really gross to travel with him.  My first advice is to make sure you’ve got a good air freshener in the car, plenty of paper towels, and some Clorox Clean Ups. But there is more you can do.

Our human started to take Thunderbear on very short drives: down the driveway and back, and then down to the end of the road.  Taking these little trips got him used to the car, and his car sickness stopped.  Also, our human made sure not to take Thunderbear in the car after he had just eaten or had some treats.

Now, I have heard my vet recommend a child’s dose of Dramamine, but I have no idea what Dramamine is.

About Buckaroo: Buckaroo is young, male Australian Shepherd, who outwits his owner at every turn. His intelligence is so keen he would be the perfect pet for the nerdy scientists on the Big Bang Theory. We jokingly say that if Buckaroo were a human, he would grow up to be either a master-mind criminal, or invent a product to save the world.

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