BioStar Gives Back: Ocracoke Banker Ponies

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For the summer of 2017, BioStar has pledged a portion of proceeds from the sale of BioFlora EQ to support the Cape Hatteras National Seashore’s wild horses, otherwise known as “Banker” ponies in Ocracoke, NC.

Ocracoke ponies are not actually ponies at all, but are true horses, descended from Spanish mustangs just like the Corolla and Shackleford horses.  Legend has it that the “Banker” horses of Ocracoke were left by shipwrecked explorers in the 16th or 17th century. They are different from common horses, however, because they have a different number of vertebrae and ribs as well as a distinct shape, posture, color, size, and weight that sets them apart.  The term “Banker” comes from the fact that they live on the Outer Banks.

The horses live in a fenced complex including pasture of up to 180 acres. They were fenced in by the National Park Service not only to keep them from danger after the paved highway NC12 was built, but to keep them from overgrazing the island’s vegetation.

The herd has been cared for by the National Park Service since the early 1960s. Their care and protection requires time and resources, so BioStar has decided to help them out with a percent of our sales. Ponies can also be “adopted” or sponsored, which is a fun way to support these horses.

Bio Flora EQ probiotic-prebiotic by BioStar US
BioStar will donate a portion of sales of BioFlora EQ to the
Cape Hatteras National Seashore Ocracoke Ponies.

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