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Coming This Fall: New Products and Healthy Critters Radio

Tigger Montague

I am so excited to share all the exciting happenings at Biostar: new products, upgraded products, and a new Healthy Critters Radio show!

Coming in November:

– Bio Yeast EQ: We’ve taken our Tract Bios and combined it with another yeast strain: Saccharomyces boulardii. Like Tract Bios, our new formula Bio Yeast provides 100 billion CFU’s per teaspoon (50 billion CFUs of Saccharomyces cervisiae, and 50 billion CFUs of Saccharomyces boulardii.)   While the yeast strain Saccharomyces cervisiae is specific to the hind gut, Saccharomyces Boulardii has been proven to have activity in the small intestine as well as the hind gut.

– Optimum Senior JS: You asked, we listened! All the benefits of Optimum Senior EQ plus the added joint support of Biostar’s Flex-Well EQ combined into one super whole food formula for senior horses.

 Both Bio Yeast EQ and Optimum Senior JS will be available November 1.

– Healthy Critters Radio:

Launching in November, Healthy Critters Healthy Critters RadioRadio on Horse Radio Network will be a twice-monthly podcast sponsored by Biostar and featuring equestrian interviews, nutritional information, dog breeds’ spotlight, and a lighthearted segment hosted by a feisty Pomeranian, voiced by Allison Kavey, called Ask Hedwig. Healthy Critters Radio will be hosted by Pati Pierucci and myself, which ensures there will be plenty of laughter mixed with substantive information.   Podcast links will be available on our website, as well as on Horse Radio Network. If there is a particular nutritional topic you’d like me to cover, please let me know!

Coming in December:

– Thermal: Equine Warming Topper™: an Ayurvedic whole food blend of foods and plants that are warming and help increase circulation. Especially beneficial for older horses in winter, and those cool Florida and California days and nights.   Can be used every day, or as needed. Thermal joins Cool Star EQ in our Toppers™ line of Ayurvedic whole food supplements.

– Canine Stress Formula (Official name not yet decided):  During my research on foods and plants to help reduce stress in dogs, I came upon an interesting peptide from milk casein, brand-named Lactium. There was research on how this nutraceutical helped reduce stress and increase relaxation and sleep for both dogs and humans. What bothered me about this ingredient was that it was hydrolyzed. The hydrolysation of proteins makes changes in the composition of potential amino acid groups, and functional characteristic are also altered.
     But I thought…hmmm….if Lactium is from milk casein, why not use milk casein?  I admit I was a bit of a doubting Thomas when we put together the first prototype of our stress formula with milk casein. But low and behold, and to my utter amazement, it worked!  I was particularly impressed that the formula had my energizer-bunny dog Crockett in peaceful slumber within 30 minutes. On a lower dosage my dogs weren’t sleepy but were very relaxed and yet focused. Of course it’s not only the casein…it is the combination of casein with holy basil, ashwaganda, indian gooseberry, and chamomile.

– The new Biostar Mug: We will be launching another limited addition mug designed by our Art Director, Leslie Allyn, who designed last year’s mug.   We’ve chosen a quote from a French philosopher that blends our belief in whole real food with a sense of humor.
You can order the mug as is, or with a trial size of Thermal equine warming Topper ™ or our Canine Stress Formula.

Our new mug, as well as our new Thermal Equine Warming Topper ™ and our Canine Stress Formula will be available December 1.  Hopefully by then I will have come up with a suitable name for the stress formula!

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