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On June 1, 2015, BioStar will release two new formulas: Cool Star EQ and Optimum JSCool Star is the first in our line of equine Toppers™: formulas based on Ayurvedic principles of warming, cooling, and balancing foods, made for adding to feed. Optimum JS is a combination of our very successful Optimum EQ multi-vitamin/mineral supplement, now combined with Flex-Well EQ, our whole food joint supplement. The result is Optimum JS (joint support), which provides a whole food alternative to the other multi-vitamin/mineral joint combinations on the market.

So let me tell you about both these new formulations!

Cool Star EQCool Star EQ: A Topper™ designed specifically for horses and formulated with carefully chosen whole foods based on the Ayurvedic principles of cooling and balancing. These foods can help cool the body during the summer and support increased hydration. Another cool thing about Cool Star is that the variety of foods in this formula can help support an increased diversity of microbiota in the GI tract. What we are learning about the amazing and complex microbe world in the body is that diversity of foods can make for a more robust colony of beneficial microbes.

Cool Star  includes BioStar’s micro-encapsulated Bio Flora EQ probiotic. This is to provide the cooling elements of specific Lactobacillus bacteria that are grown and cultured in organic cow’s milk.   Dairy products, such as milk, are cooling foods in Ayurvedic medicine.

Cool Star EQ detail

Cool Star EQ detail

This is a product you and your horses can have fun with. The horses have fun because they get to eat small amounts of food that have long been absent from commercial feed diets. Remember, back in the 1800s horses were fed what was readily available: pumpkin, squash, cucumbers, turnips, carrots, grains and a range of native grasses and plants. With such a variety of grasses and weeds recently being eradicated from pastures, horses’ access to healthy varieties of plants has become limited.  Cool Star EQ brings some of that variety back.

It is a fun product for owners because you don’t have to buy and chop all the ingredients yourself. So many riders want to give their horses more varieties of foods, but the time it takes to find the foods, wash the foods, chop the foods or food-process the foods is a time-consuming endeavor.   This is also particularly challenging in boarding barns, where fresh fruit, vegetables or fresh herbs left out in a baggie might start spoiling fairly rapidly.

If your horse is on a commercial feed, adding Cool Star provides real food that is not heated, over-processed, or denatured. Cool Star augments the diet and helps to cool the body system at large.

Cool Star Ingredients: organic coconut, chia seeds, butternut squash, organic mango, Hawaiian black lava salt, organic sunflower seed, dehydrated cucumber, Bio Flora EQ, organic fennel seeds, organic parsley.

On to our second new offering…

Optimum JS joint supportOptimum JS:  You asked us, and we heard you! So many of our customers feeding Optimum have requested Optimum with joint support. So here it is: Optimum JS!

This is the first whole food multi vitamin/mineral with whole food joint support on the market. By combining Flex-Well with Optimum we can support the production of cartilage by providing the body what it needs to make glucosamine sulfate.

Optimum + Flexwell = JS

The fact that the body makes this substance was a ground-breaking discovery that led to the development of the product Cosequin. The body makes glucosamine sulfate with the amino acid glutamine, the element sulfur, and a sugar molecule. BioStar provides these ingredients from cabbage, one of the richest sources of glutamine; kale, one of the richest sources of sulfur; and pomegranate, which provides sugar.

Glucosamine sulfate used in most supplements is commonly made from shellfish, which is very unstable; so stabilizers have to be added. These are commonly sodium chlolride or potassium chloride, which can end up being 30% of glucosamine by weight. This means if a product label says 3,000 mgs of glucosamine sulfate, you must subtract 900 mgs (30%) to know the actual amount of glucosamine you are feeding.

Optimum JS detail

Optimum JS detail

The other component of man-made glucosamine sulfate is the sulfate itself.   Sulfates are salts of sulfuric acid. Pure sulfuric acid is not found on Earth in anhydrous form due to its affinity with water. Dilute sulfuric acid is a constituent of acid rain. Sulfates occur as microscopic particles (aerosols) resulting from fossil fuel and biomass combustion.

Joint supplements for horses commonly include MSM, which is an organo-sulfur compound. MSM is 34% sulfur by weight, and sulfur is important for specific antioxidants like glutathione, that can help reduce inflammation. However, the MSM commercially available is made from petroleum and methane gas; because of this, Biostar will not use commercial MSM in our formulas. We prefer a potent plant source of sulfur: kale. By incorporating organic kale, we not only provide sulfur, but also vitamins K, A, C, fiber, carotenoids, flavonoids, calcium, magnesium, manganese, and copper.

Of course the joints of horses are not simply cartilage but also include bone and connective tissue. This is why we include chia as an integral component for joint support. Chia is high in the amino acid proline, which is the major constituent of collagen. The chia we import from Ecuador and Bolivia has very high boron content. This trace mineral supports the functions of calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D. Studies have shown how boron helps preserve the body’s stores of calcium and magnesium by reducing the body’s excretion of calcium and magnesium through the urinary tract. Boron used to be a trace mineral found abundantly in soils in the US: now it is very low to depleted.   This could be one of the reasons so many horse owners are adding additional magnesium to their horses’ diets: not enough boron in the diet is causing more magnesium to be excreted.

Cool Star and Optimum JS are important new products in the Biostar family. We look forward to hearing how well your horses do on these new formulas.  Look for them June 1, 2015!

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