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Featured Rider: Will Coleman

Tigger Montague

Will Coleman

Will Coleman

Will Coleman has been feeding BioStar supplements to his horses for 2 years.  Twizzel’s BioStar program includes 100% whole food supplements Empower (organic hemp seed oil) and Colostrum-38 (pure bovine colostrum with 38% IgG).


“Twizzel is a 17 year old, Westphalian-Australian TB X. By the great Argentinus, Twizzel carries with him the strong personality and character of his father, and training him has always been a balance between allowing that personality to shine and keeping his ego in check.”

From Empower (organic hemp seed oil), Twizzel gets a healthy supply of all the fatty acids (Omega 3, 6, 9) as well as the potent anti-inflammatory factor GLA (gamma linolenic acid). Organic hemp seed oil has also been found to help maintain muscle glycogen stores.

Providing over 80 immune factors and over 70 growth factors, Colostrum-38 (pure bovine colostrum) supports Twizzel’s immune system as well as cellular health & repair. The stress of competition includes stress on the immune system and Colostrum-38, with its range of immunoglobins and polypeptides helps maintain the homeostasis of his immune system.

The growth factors in pure bovine colostrum include EGF (epidermal growth factor) and nucleotides that are important for tissue repair. Like human athletes, equine athletes are constantly building and breaking down tissue as part of the physiology of exercise.  BioStar’s Colostrum-38 helps the body in the repair (building) process and Twizzel’s body is equipped with the nutrition necessary to recover more quickly from daily training and from the physical stress of competition.


“For a couple of years now, I felt that my nutrition program for my horses was lacking in some ways. While many of our horses still looked the part, inconsistent energy levels, a lack of quality control with our grains, and the fillers/processing involved with producing most generic sweet feeds worried me, and made me wonder about how my horses might perform better with a food program that was more adaptable to some of their individual needs. Conversations with Dr. Tim Ober concerning one horse in particular led me to BioStar’s whole food supplements and a different approach to feeding equine athletes.”


“The whole food supplement programs we’ve designed for each of our horses allows us to account for everything our horses eat, with no wasted calories or the empty ‘mystery fillers’. We can tailor to their needs with expert accuracy and know with 100% confidence each nutritional component. Everyone wants a healthy horse, and for us a healthy horse performs better as an athlete. This program allows us to sincerely treat our horses as athletes, by feeding them within a nutritionally-conscious diet.”


  • Optimum EQ – multi vitamin/mineral”This multi-vitamin supplement is essential to our event horses, ensuring they get all of the daily vitamins and minerals that keep their systems healthy and efficient.”
  • Rebound EQ – recovery + healing
  • Colostrum-38 – immune support
  • Empower EQ – hemp seed oil”Maintaining condition and gut health is paramount in our incredibly fit event horses. The fatty acids and antioxidants in hemp oil are a huge help in keeping our horses healthy, happy, and at a good competition weight.”
  • Chia Seeds – bulk whole food

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