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Crockett, Aussie blogger[Welcome, Crockett, to the world of BioStar’s Dog Blogs! Crockett is a ten-month-old Australian Shepherd, and the newest member of BioStar’s Aussie Tribe (which also includes Kemosabe, Buckaroo, and Thunderbear).]

Food is very near and dear to my heart. I become the World’s Most Obedient Puppy when I know there’s a food reward. I am very much a food adventurer…which sometimes gets me into a little bit of trouble.

Just the other day, our human pulled up a bunch of carrots from the garden, and laid them out on the ground for sorting. She went to go pull weeds, and I pounced on that stack of carrots and grabbed one. Then I ran to the horse water trough and accidentally dropped it in there, so I had to run back and get another carrot. Buckaroo thought he would like one [meaning he told me to give it to him or he would roll me across the ground like a football] so naturally I had to drop the carrot and go grab another one. Just as I lay down in the cool shade and started crunching down on my carrot I heard my human counting … and then the words: “I swear I pulled seven carrots out but now there are only 4”…. She looked over at me, and the carrot between my paws…. Busted.

I have been caught eating fresh pole beans, stealing eggs from the chicken nests in the barn, and scooping up errant strawberries or blueberries that land on the floor while my human is using the juicer. I figure it this way: if it’s on the counter, it belongs to the human; if it’s on the floor, it belongs to the Aussie.

I have chewed a tube of toothpaste, which tasted a whole lot better than the sample of moisturizer that fell out of the human’s purse. I have broken open and dined on a bag of cat food that tastes surprising good, considering it is for an animal that hisses and spits. Kemosabe showed me how to steal BioStar Optimum bars out of the horses’ feed buckets; sadly we were thwarted when the human switched to Optimum powder.

Favorite meal:
My favorite meal comes every Sunday morning: sardines mixed with organic kale and organic pumpkin meal. My human puts the ingredients in a food processor, which makes a lot of noise but turns the ingredients into a wonderful thick mash.

The sardines are chock full of omega 3’s, and provide CoQ10, which is important for a healthy dog heart and good circulation.   Sardines provide calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and potassium, the B vitamins and the fat soluble antioxidant vitamins D, A, and K.

Kale provides chlorophyll, which is not only beneficial for eliminating mouth odors, it also helps build the health of our blood and provides a good source of sulfur for joints and connective tissue.

Pumpkin meal provides a delicious source of fiber plus beta-carotene for antioxidant support.

Variety is the howl of life:
My human says that variety is very important in a dog’s diet…I am sure she didn’t mean toothpaste or cat food.   She changes our protein sources daily. Some days it is salmon for breakfast and bison for dinner; sometimes it is chicken for breakfast and venison for dinner. We get peas or beans, sweet potatoes, squash, and kefir. I love licking avocado off her fingers. We just never know what is going to be in our food bowls, so mealtimes are always exciting and fun. Plus the humans sing silly songs to us while they are preparing the food. The humans say it puts happy, loving energy into our meals.   We Aussies like it because being serenaded, even when they sing off key, makes each of feel like the most important dog in the world….which of course I am, just don’t tell the rest of the pack.

 The Aussie Tribe: Buckaroo, Kemosabe, Crockett, Thunderbear

The Aussie Tribe: Buckaroo, Kemosabe, Crockett, Thunderbear

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