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For the Spring of 2015, BioStar has pledged a portion of our proceeds from Colostrum EQ and Colostrum K9 to the Eleventh Hour Foal Haven and K-9 New Life. BioStar has chosen to support these organizations because we believe in helping animals who need homes, a little love, and especially good nutrition.

Eleventh Hour Foal Haven is a rescue center in Virginia for foals born from nurse mare farms.  Nurse mare foals are often put down in order to feed and nurture other, more valuable mares’ foals.  The 11th Hour Foal Haven saves foals of all breeds, colors, ages and sizes. Many of the foals are less than two days old, some needing plasma or colostrum.  Many are so weak they need to be tube fed, some are premature or have health problems that require veterinary attention.

The Eleventh Hour Foal Haven provides temporary care for these foals as well as working to find their forever homes.  Supporting this organization brings us much joy, to know that we are helping these horses live longer, healthier lives.

K-9 New Life is an all-breed, no-kill dog rescue center in South-eastern Virginia for dogs with higher than average needs.  K-9 New Life takes in dogs from shelters when they have run out of time, are injured, or are too sick for the shelters to handle. They provide them with health care, rehabilitation, training, and a loving foster home until they can be adopted. They give these less fortunate dogs a second chance to live the life they deserve.

Helping to support this organization means we aren’t leaving our older and more disabled dogs without help and a second chance.

BioStar will donate a percentage of sales from April-June for Colostrum EQ to the Eleventh Hour Foal Haven, and for Colostrum K9 to K-9 New Life.

A portion of BioStar proceeds go to Eleventh Hour Foal Haven and K-9 New Life!A portion of BioStar proceeds go to Eleventh Hour Foal Haven and K-9 New Life!

Colostrum 38 EQ and Colostrum 38 K9 are comprised of rBGH-free bovine colostrum.  No fillers, binders, or excipients.  

Our Colostrum contains 97 immune factors, 87 growth factors , plus bioactive proteins, peptides,  prebiotics, and probiotics.

One of the amazing benefits of colostrum is that during acute body imbalances or stresses, colostrum goes to work very quickly, and even some very ill animals may start to show improvement in a number of hours.

For more, read our articles on Colostrum 38 EQ and Colostrum 38 K9.
– Eleventh Hour Foal Haven website:– K-9 New Life website:

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