Giving Back: Environmental Defense Fund

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For the Fall of 2015, BioStar has pledged a portion of our proceeds from Chia Seeds and Flex-well K9 to help support the Environmental Defense Fund.

The Environmental Defense Fund focuses its efforts on clean air and water, abundant fish and wildlife, a stable climate, protecting nature and helping people thrive. What sets them apart is that they create solutions that also carry economic benefits.

Environmental Defense Fund solutions—rooted in strong science and economics—reward people for protecting the environment, not exploiting it. By working with allies across the political spectrum and partnering with business, they turn ideas into lasting change.

BioStar stands with the Environmental Defense Fund in protecting our world.  Your purchase of Flex-Well K9 and Chia Seeds from October through December 2015 will help BioStar donate a percentage to this worthy cause.

Environmental Defense Fund website:


BioStar Flex-Well K9 proceeds will benefit Environmental Defense FundChia Seeds EQ proceeds will benefit Environmental Defense Fund

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Our K9 joint support supplements provide specific whole foods that supply what the body needs to support and repair its own bone and connective tissue. Flex-Well K9™ gives your dog the targeted nutrition to produce its own glucosamine, a vital amino sugar for forming and repairing body tissues. Specific whole foods in our connective tissue and bone health supplements such as Organic Cabbage, Chia Seeds, Organic Kale Powder, and Organic Pomegranate support the entire joint structure without any fillers, binders or excipients.

Delivering twice the content of omega 3 for horses as flax seeds, BioStar Chia Seeds provide a complete amino acid profile including lysine and proline. Proline is a key constituent of collagen. Chia for horses contains an antioxidant content that is higher than blueberries. The mucilage the seeds produce (chia gel) supports digestion for metabolic horses and also supports the removal of small-particle debris like sand from the gut, making chia an excellent alternative to psyllium.

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