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For the Autumn of 2018, BioStar pledges a portion of sales of Circuvate EQ and Trinity K9 to support Pixie’s Pen Pals, a center for rescue dogs in Central Virginia.

Through a partnership with the Virginia Department of Corrections,  Pixie’s Pen Pals works to train and socialize rescue dogs with the guidance and instruction from two professional dog trainers.

FETCH a Cure’s Pixie’s Pen Pals program not only lowers the rate of euthanasia in Virginia’s city dog shelters, but also provides life skills to inmates. The rescue dogs chosen for the program come from the Southside SPCA, Goochland County Animal Control, and Richmond Animal Care and Control.  On average, 70 dogs are rescued and placed into loving homes every year through Pen Pals!

The Pen Pals program promotes inmate rehabilitation while increasing positive communication and interaction between correctional center staff and the rest of the inmate population.  Inmate handlers learn viable job skills and some have gone on to become professional dog trainers following their release.  By working cooperatively to help the animals, the inmates learn responsibility, patience, and emotional confidence among many other character building qualities that improve and enhance external relationships.

These skills and attributes are acquired while training a dog that may not have had a chance for a happy life. Every time a dog leaves the program to go its new home, the inmate handler feels a sense of accomplishment and pride that they have given back to their community in a positive manner, leaving a smile on both ends of the leash.

Your purchase of Circuvate EQ or Trinity K9 helps support this worthy organization!

Circuvate EQ | BioStar USCircuvate EQ  provides support for the circulatory system by providing ingredients that assist nitric oxide production, the master circulatory molecule in the body.  Increased circulation can benefit horses with metabolic imbalances, assist in the healing process of connective tissues, help reduce stiffness in joints, and support a healthy flow of blood from heart to hoof, and hoof to heart.

Trinity K9Trinity K9 is a wellness formula for dogs that supports the various biological systems necessary for homeostasis and well-being; providing a complex of ingredients that supports immune function, digestion, metabolism, movement, and mood. Provides hemp biomass, green-lipped mussel, astaxanthin, and turmeric.


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