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Giving Back: String of Pearls Animal Sanctuaries


For the Summer of 2015, BioStar has pledged a portion of our proceeds from Optimum JS and Flex-well K9 to help support the String of Pearls Animal Sanctuaries in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

String of Pearls is a string of private volunteers who have joined together to provide the greatest number of homes for animals, with the least medical risk and most socialization possible.  They provide a no-kill alternative with a pre-designed, deliberately decentralized approach to the problem of unwanted animals.

String of Pearls provides shelter for cats, dogs, and horses in need.  They offer fostering, veterinary assistance, permanent sanctuary when need be.   They also provide low cost spay and neuter programs, emergency rescue service, and public educational resources for proper pet care.

Your purchase of Flex-Well K9 and Optimum JS from July through September 2015 will help BioStar donate a percentage to this worthy cause.

A portion of BioStar Flex-well K9 proceeds goes to String of Pearls Animal SanctuariesA portion of BioStar's Optimum JS proceeds goes to String of Pearls Animal Sanctuaries

Flex-well K9 is a highly effective joint support formula for dogs.  Optimum JS is BioStar’s multi-vitamin/mineral formula, with added joint support for horses.  Click on the images for more information on each supplement.

String of Pearls website:

String of Pearls operates three distinct and separate programs:

1) Animal rescue/re-homing/adoption – here we strive to place good animals who face a critical juncture in their lives in new homes. We serve as a clearinghouse of animals to adopt and any animal accepted as a “Pearl” is followed by Pearls for life. Should any adopted animal face euthanasia or homelessness again in its lifetime, Pearls will commit to seeing that it is rehomed or sent to sanctuary for life. This is the Pearls Promise.

2) Sanctuary services – For all animals, designated “sanctuary” spots are available. Sanctuary provides the animal with care and love until the end of its life. Pearls has both small and large animal sanctuary slots, and is actively looking for homes that would like to perform this important function.

3) Public Education – String of Pearls endeavors to take the lead in providing public education and information about spay/neuter resources in Virginia, as well as about appropriate care of animals and other useful pet owner tips. Pearls provides a quarterly newsletter,”Pearls of Wisdom”, in which these educational concepts are also disseminated. Pearls also offers seminars and workshops on all aspects of pet care.

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