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For the winter of 2019, BioStar pledges a portion of sales of Chia Seeds and Gold Star K9 camelina oil to support EWG (The Environmental Working Group), a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to protecting human health and the environment. 

EWG’s groundbreaking research has changed the debate over environmental health. From households to Capitol Hill, EWG’s team of scientists, policy experts, lawyers, communication experts and programmers has worked tirelessly to make sure someone is standing up for public health when government and industry won’t. Through our reports, online databases, mobile apps and communications campaigns, Environmental Working Group is educating and empowering consumers to make safer and more informed decisions about the products they buy and the companies they support. In response to consumer pressure, companies are giving up potentially dangerous chemical ingredients in their products and improving their practices.

For this entire winter season, Your purchase of Chia Seeds for horses or Gold Star K9 camelina oil for dogs helps lend much needed support to this worthy organization!

Chia Seeds EQ

Chia Seeds provide twice the content of omega-3 for horses as flax seeds and provide a complete amino acid profile including Lysine and Proline. Equine chia contains an antioxidant content that is higher than blueberries. The mucilage the seeds produce (chia gel) supports digestion for metabolic horses and also supports the removal of small particle debris like sand from the gut, making chia an excellent alternative to psyllium.


Gold Star K9 | BioStar US

Gold Star K9 is cold pressed camelina oil. Camelina is a nutritional powerhouse of essential fatty acids and antioxidants. It provides a 2:1:1 ratio of the fatty acids omega-3, 6, and 9, and has a shelf life of approximately one year. It is unrefined and not solvent-extracted like vegetable, corn, soy, and rice bran oils, and it’s free of preservatives, emulsifiers, ethyl butarate, vanillin, or flavorings.

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