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For the Spring of 2019, BioStar pledges a portion of sales of Tri Dosha EQ and Trinity K9 to support The Peeps Foundation, a non-profit (501c3) organization dedicated to rescuing dwarf mini’s with special needs and giving them a forever home.
Giving Back to the Peeps Foundation | BioStar USPeeps is a special miniature horse with dwarfism. The Peeps Foundation is dedicated to helping neglected minis, specializing in those with dwarfism. Miniature horses are found in many nations, particularly in Europe and the Americas. The designation of miniature horse is determined by the height of the animal. While miniature horses are the size of a very small pony, many retain horse characteristics and are considered “horses” by their respective registries. They have various colors and coat patterns. For this entire spring season, Your purchase of Tri Dosha EQ for horses or Trinity K9 for dogs helps lend much needed support to this worthy organization!
Tri Dosha EQ | BioStar US
Tri Dosha EQ™ is a unique blend that combines the best of eastern Ayurvedic plants with western culture for the health of metabolic horses. In Ayurveda, the term “tridoshic” refers to specific plants and foods that are supportive for balancing and re-harmonizing the body system.


Trinity K9 | BioStar US
  Trinity K9™ is a wellness formula for dogs that supports the various biological systems necessary for homeostasis and well-being; providing a complex of ingredients that supports immune function, digestion, metabolism, movement, and mood. Trinity is formulated to give your dog the mind and body synergy for wellness.



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