Healing Horse Scratches with Diet

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Did you know that diet can factor prominently into how quickly those horse scratches heal? It’s true. Healing starts from the inside out, and in this month’s Kim Baker Radio Show spotlight on the Horse Radio Network’s most popular show, Horses in The Morning, Tigger Montague of BioStar US explains it all.


Learn what you can do as a horse owner through nutrition and supplements to rid your horse of pesky scratches. And be sure to stay tuned to the fourth Thursday of every month when the Kim Baker Radio Show’s monthly segment will highlight a new range of topics to their growing audience. The show will embrace the healing power horses have with humans, the special and often spiritual connection between horses, animals and humans, and natural/organic/holistic ways to improve the quality of life for animals and humans.

And if you have questions or topics for the group to cover, related to horse scratches or not, be sure to comment below, find us on Facebook and speak out, or just email getfood@biostarus.com.

Now with over 120,000+ unique monthly downloads in over 42 countries, the Horse Radio Network is uniquely suited to take New Media to the “next level” with the first live morning radio show for the horse world called Horses in the Morning. A live show offers the opportunity for a truly interactive experience with the audience allowing them to call in and be part of the show, a lineup of the most relevant, timely and unique guests that the horse world has to offer and news from around the world.

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