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Horses, Dogs & Supplements: What to Use, When to Use It

Tigger Montague

BioStar shared some illuminating advice on knowing which supplements for horses to use under what health circumstances in 2016.  We did it again in 2017, posting an updated go-to guide split into a Part 1 and a Part 2. These articles have ended up being very popular, and great for answering some of the questions on horse supplements we get most often from our customers.

Now we’re back with a fresh installment! It’s not a replacement for the earlier posts linked above (check those out if you haven’t already), but an update which addresses some of our newer additions and further helps take the guesswork out of choosing BioStar supplements for specific equine health challenges and conditions.

Read on, and as always, let us know any questions you may have in the comment section below.  Or, if you prefer, contact us here on the website, or via email (, or voice-to-voice at 800-686-9554. We’re always happy to hear from you and provide whatever information we can on all things equine and canine!

Joint support for horses

Optimum JS | BioStar USFor the maintenance of healthy joints, BioStar’s Optimum JS and Optimum Senior JS provide specific nutrients required for the body’s own production of glucosamine sulfate.  For the body to make glucosamine sulfate it needs sugar, sulfur, and the amino acid glutamine.  Optimum JS and Optimum Senior JS provide these important components in their whole food forms: from organic cabbage, organic kale, and organic pomegranate.

Of course, Optimum JS and Optimum Senior JS supplements for horses don’t just provide joint support; these whole food multivitamin/mineral formulas support the whole horse.

For horses who require more joint support, such as for ongoing joint issues, and for those horses who need support for the wear and tear of training and competition, BioStar’s Receptor EQ would be the best choice. It provides green-lipped mussel, which provides chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine, and the glycosaminoglycans (GAGs). These are the building blocks of cartilage and joint fluid, and can increase the synthesis of proteoglycans, hyaluronic acid and collagen. Receptor EQ also contains the super antioxidant astaxanthin and provides important circulatory support from Capros, a patented extract of Indian gooseberry (or amalaki), long revered in Ayurvedic medicine.  Receptor EQ provides support for homeostasis with the inclusion of organic hemp biomass.

Joint support for dogs

Flex-well K9 | BioStar USFor the maintenance of healthy joints in dogs, BioStar’s Flex-Well K9 provides the essential components for the body’s production of glucosamine sulfate: sugar, sulfur, and the amino acid glutamine.  As in our Optimum formulas, these important nutrients are delivered through whole food ingredients: organic cabbage, organic kale, and organic blueberry powder.  Chia seeds are added to provide proline, an amino acid that’s crucial to collagen production and essential for healthy skin, joints, and connective tissues.

Juvenate K9 | BioStar USBioStar’s Juvenate K9 is a mobility formula for dogs with ongoing joint issues, and for older dogs who are less limber than they used to be.  Juvenate K9 provides Crominex 3+, a unique, state-of-the-art Ayurvedic extract with eight published clinical studies behind it.  This special extract blend of shilajit, Indian gooseberry, and trivalent chromium offers a three-pronged support package for dogs: helping increase circulation; supporting a healthy inflammation response via the mitochondria of the cell; and assisting in the regulation of fat and sugar metabolism that’s so important in overweight dogs.

Trinity K9Our Trinity K9 formula is a whole-body supplement focused on homeostasis, joints, oxidative stress reduction, neurotransmitter support, and the GI tract.  This formula is recommended to assist dogs with arthritis, dysplasia, discomfort, and for dogs who are active or participate in performance sports and may need whole-body support before, during, or after competition or hard exercise.  Trinity K9 provides green-lipped mussels for building cartilage and joint fluid, increasing hyaluronic acid and collagen, and is a source of chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine.

Some dogs need both Juvenate K9 and Trinity K9.  These tend to be older dogs who require circulatory support as well as joint- and stress-specific support.

Hydration and recovery support

Hydration is one of the keys to health and performance.  Adult horses are 65 percent water and foals are 80 percent.  Horses can lose up to five percent of their body weight in fluids before showing signs of dehydration.  A four-percent loss in hydration affects performance.  Unlike humans, the sweat of a horse contains high levels of electrolytes.  These electrolytes are also lost from the body through urine and feces.

Aqua-Forte EQ | BioStar USBioStar’s Aqua-Forte EQ is for horses in moderate to light work, and for those who don’t drink well when traveling and competing, or aren’t good drinkers at home.  Aqua-Forte EQ provides isotonic electrolytes from a combination of Celtic sea salt and sea vegetables, with additional mitochondrial support from purified shilajit extract, bioflavonoid support from organic apples, and GI tract support from organic fennel seeds.   Aqua-Forte EQ is to be mixed in water for quicker absorption through the oral transmucosal pathway.  Many horses actually prefer Aqua-Forte EQ to plain water when they’re thirsty or need more hydration.

BioStar’s Alixir EQ is for performance horses who need recovery support from training and competing.   Athletic recovery applies to muscle, GI tract, and connective tissues as well as to hydration, electrolyte replacement, and cellular energy.

Alixir EQ addresses recovery by supporting muscle recovery with superoxide dismutase (SOD) from organic barley grass; GI tract support from micro-crystalized aloe; connective tissue support from camu camu (a rainforest fruit high in vitamin C for collagen synthesis); electrolyte replacement from Celtic sea salts and sea vegetables; and shilajit for ATP and COQ10 production essential for maintaining cellular energy.  A unique feature of Alixir EQ is that it provides organic tulsi, also known as “holy basil” and used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine to support the glandular and circulatory systems under stress.

Alixir EQ paste | BioStar USAlixir EQ comes in both a powder and a paste.  The paste provides additional support including camelina oil with vitamin E, organic freeze-dried lemons, and non-GMO sunflower oil lecithin.

Recovery support without added hydration

Rebound EQ | BioStar USFor horses needing supplemental support for daily work, competitions, or lay-up then BioStar’s Rebound EQ is an excellent choice.  Rebound EQ provides ingredients high in branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) for muscle building and repair, plus bovine colostrum for immune and cellular support, and smectite clay for adsorption and absorption of toxins.  Rebound EQ also includes BioStar’s BioFlora EQ for probiotic support of the GI tract, and hawthorn berries  for circulatory support.

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