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It’s Time to Rebound

Tigger Montague

Summer has arrived and with it comes the hot weather and, in many areas, increased humidity.  We start our horses on electrolytes, add some additional sea salt to their feed, and hope that we have covered the bases.

The physiology of training in heat and humidity includes the simple fact that a large portion of muscle energy during exercise is turned into heat.   Thermoregulation is how the body maintains a consistent internal temperature.  To do this the body re-directs blood supply to the skin which results in perspiration.  The body cools itself by

sweating.  But another component of thermoregulation is that as the horse sweats, the blood volume decreases so there is less blood to the heart and less oxygen-rich blood to the working muscles. This can result in increased oxidative stress, exercise-induced toxins, and the activation of inflammatory cells.

Once the horse is cooled and at rest, the body begins the recovery process: binding free radicals that cause inflammation and re-directing the blood away from the skin to the heart and muscles. This is also the time the body begins to heal and repair tissues at the cellular level.

The combination of hot weather and humidity along with the subsequent oxidative stress can affect daily training and performance at competitions.  Poor performance can include fatigue, lack of stamina, lack of keenness, the horse moving with less fluidity, and that feeling that the gas is out of the engine can all be the consequence of oxidative stress.

Rebound EQ for optimal recovery in hot weather

Rebound EQ nutritionally supports restoration from the stress of daily work, competitions, and shipping.

BioStar’s Rebound EQ helps the horse during the recovery period by providing what the body needs to reduce free radicals and inflammation,  help to bind exercise-induced toxins, and stimulate the growth factors necessary for cellular tissue repair. The whole food ingredients include: smectite clay whose negative ions attract and absorb the positive ions in toxins, impurities, and free radicals.  Smectite clay acts like a magnet to absorb the toxins and carry them out of the body as waste. Smectite clay is also an excellent source of silica, an important nutrient for connective tissue.

Rebound EQ also contains key antioxidants and co-factors which include vitamin E in almond powder, and vitamin C, vitamin K, copper, folic acid, manganese and polyphenols in organic pomegranate powder.

To support the GI tract, Rebound EQ provides four different strains of viable probiotics plus hindgut support from MOS, providing 100 billion CFUs per serving. Probiotics may be needed more during stressful times to ensure a balanced colonization of the GI tract.

Rebound EQ’s unique formula would not be complete without bovine colostrum.   This super food from Canada, provides over 80 different immune factors, including the immunoglobulins: IgA and IgG; and specific polypeptides for regulation of the thymus gland. Colostrum also provides over 70 different Growth Factors necessary for tissue repair.

Rebound can be used as needed, especially during periods of humid and/or hot weather, at shows and competitions, or as a daily recovery supplement. It is also a beneficial supplement for horses on lay-up and recovery when the body needs tremendous support for healing and repair. It is however not a salt or electrolyte replacer.

Unfortunately Rebound EQ won’t ensure a fault free jumping round or a mind-blowing piaffe. It will however provide what the body needs to train and perform optimally under stress.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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