Juri Ito and Zen-X Calming Paste

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A Review of Zen-X Calming Paste by Sponsored Rider, Juri Ito:


“I was introduced to Zen-X when my horse was going through stress during competition. He’s a nervous horse, and when he travels to shows on his own, his stress level goes through the roof! I have him on Thera Calm, which helps him tremendously, but I wanted to give him little more relaxation and mental serenity. I was extremely satisfied with results from Zen-X! He was calm and collected, and in the competition ring his focus was right where I needed it to be. I am always concerned with his stress, and thanks to BioStar, my horses and I are able to compete at the top levels! I highly recommend Zen-X from the improvements I have seen in my horse during high stress. I also found that the combination of Thera Calm and Zen is the perfect balance to make my horse competition ready!
Zen-X is very palatable, like many other BioStar products. The consistency of the product makes it easy to administer as well. As owner and rider of my horse it is very important to me that all of BioStar products are made with whole food and they’re the healthiest alternative to other products on the market. Thank you BioStar! I am proud, honored, and ecstatic to be part of this wonderful team!”

Zen-X and In-Zen are available as single syringe calming pastes

Zen-X Calming Paste | BioStar USIn-Zen Calming Paste | BioStar US

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