Kemosabe Speaks: Interview with a BioStar Dog

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KemosabeThis month we talk to Kemosabe, a three year old Australian shepherd who, when he’s not on the road with Tigger, likes to hang out at BioStar — taste-testing products and herding the FedEx delivery guys.

BioStar: You’ve grown up with BioStar; what are your favorite products?
Kemosabe: My favorites are Optimum, Furnace, Tum-Ease, Flex Well K9, BioStar Bites, and Meta Bites. I try to hang around on production days and steal a few bars when they come out of the dehydrators. I’ve also been known to sneak a few bars out of horse feed buckets too.BioStar: What kind of feed program are you on?
Kemosabe: I am on a meat, no grains, diet with some vegetables. My human makes it in the crock pot. I also get some coconut meal (Cool Stance®) and flax seed oil, plus 1 Optimum bar per day. Don’t tell anyone, but I do occasionally steal cat food crunchies from the cat bowls.BioStar: You get to do quite a bit of travelling with Tigger, including spending most of the winter in Florida. How do you like being on the road?

Kemosabe: It’s a pretty easy job; I lie on the backseat and snooze while Tigger does all the driving and cursing. There have been a couple of times I’ve had to get up and stand on the console and lick her face when she has a meltdown over being lost, or we are driving in terrible weather and she stresses out. Some days she could really use some of BioStar’s Equilibrium. I like visiting the different farms and meeting other farm dogs, and sometimes I get to take a swim in a farm pond. ‘Course I can’t do that in Florida because of something called a “Gator”. I don’t exactly know what a “Gator” is, but evidently it eats Australian Shepherds.

Kemosabe (3 Year Old Aussie Shepard) Fleeing from Lionheart

BioStar: You’ve spent your entire life around horses. What are your thoughts on the equines?

Kemosabe: Some of them have a mean right hook. I respect the fact that they are the size of a small dinosaur, but sheesh they can’t even catch frisbees or tennis balls! If I try to play with a horse, it starts snorting “wolf, wolf, wolf”, and then runs away. And the human goes ballistic because the horse is running. Personally, I think horses do this just to get dogs like me in trouble.

BioStar: I heard you have an announcement to make?

Kemosabe: Yes! Finally, I have convinced Tigger to come out with a BioStar Canine line. It will be available in 2013. There will be Optimum K9, Furnace K9, treats for canines, Ligatend K9, and Comfort Zone K9.

BioStar: Any tips you’d like to pass on to your canine friends?

Kemosabe: Never pull on a horse’s tail and don’t ever chase chickens because that will really make your human mad. And always remember that humans can’t function well or happily without us.

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