Letting Out My Inner Retriever

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One of the best things about weekends, is that I get to go pond diving — also known as “letting out my inner retriever”.

I watch the human take the bumper water toy (a bright orange cylinder that floats), and the moment it’s airborne, I run as fast as I can up the bank and leap into the water to retrieve it. It’s a lot like flying. I then hit the water with a big whoosh, and paddle madly to beat Thunderbear or Kemosabe to the toy.

We are supposed to bring the toy back to the human. Often I get distracted and just drop it before I get it into my human’s hands. Kemosabe is really good at bringing the toy back, and he is the master of jumping fearlessly into water and grabbing the toy. Once I thought I would be clever and get into the pond before the cylinder was thrown — big mistake. Kemosabe, who’s the size of a canine NFL player, just about drowned me when he jumped and hit the water at top speed. It’s sort of like a linebacker doing a cannonball into a kiddie pool.

Besides offering an outlet for my inner retriever, pond diving is excellent for my physical fitness and mental acuity. I think the humans like it because after forty-five minutes of pond diving, several good body rolls in the grass for exfoliation (nature’s loofa), and then a run up the hill, I’m ready for a siesta. Give me two hours of rest and I’m then ready to annoy the cats, spook the chickens, and drag broomsticks, rakes, and saddle pads to new locations that I deem more suitable.

Okay so no one asks me to perform these tasks, but once a dog lets out his or her own inner retriever, there’s no end to the possibilities of what can be retrieved. When Thunderbear and I dragged some of the porch cushions out onto the lawn and deconstructed them, I couldn’t understand why our human didn’t see it as canine feng shui.

About Buckaroo: Buckaroo is young, male Australian Shepherd, who outwits his owner at every turn. His intelligence is so keen he would be the perfect pet for the nerdy scientists on the Big Bang Theory. We jokingly say that if Buckaroo were a human, he would grow up to be either a master-mind criminal, or invent a product to save the world.

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