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BioStar’s Crew is a fun-loving, hard-working, animal-loving bunch!  We work hard to ensure your supplements are the freshest, best whole-food nutrition there is, and we make sure your experience as our valued customer is above and beyond expectation.


Katherine for BioStar USKatherine’s our resident fruit ninja!  She joined the BioStar Production Team in January 2018. She’s dubbed “fruit ninja” because of her amazing cutlery skills.  Katherine slices and dices and average of 36 oranges and 29 apples per hour!  When she isn’t filleting fresh fruit for BioStar’s whole food supplements, Katherine enjoys riding her OTTB and hanging out with her dog pack.

How did Katherine find BioStar?

“I was researching ways to help my skinny OTTB maintain his weight when I stumbled onto the Healthy Critters Radio podcast, which is sponsored by BioStar.  The more I looked into BioStar’s products, the more impressed I was.  Now, all my dogs and my horse use BioStar products.  It’s possible that even I have had a Furnace bar or two when I got really hungry at the barn.”

Now that’s some BioStar staying power!


Emily at BioStar USEmily has been BioStar’s Canine Brand Ambassador since July of 2016. Her passion for dogs, horses, and nutrition is a daily lifestyle that she embraces whole-heartedly. Her expertise with canine nutrition and supplements has helped spread the BioStar word across the country and has helped countless dogs. She is also an equine enthusiast and is dedicated to horse health as well. When she first began working for BioStar she was excited to learn that she could bring her dog to the office, but it was Tigger’s home-grown zucchini that sealed the deal.

Besides her degree in Animal Sciences from Auburn University (and being a big Auburn fan), her favorite things also include Chicken Tikka Masala, the saxophone, photography, and painting.

Her goal in life is to keep growing, improving, and making a better life for herself and her four-legged children.

Stay tuned as we post new bios!


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