Q & A: What’s Your Favorite BioStar Product?

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Rider Q&A is a new article segment where BioStar asks a question to a small group of riders from different disciplines.  This month, each rider tells us which BioStar product is their favorite and why.

What's Your Favorite BioStar Product?

Sallie Spenard and Romantic Prince

Sallie Spenard (Dressage/Eventing):

My favorite BioStar product is Optimum because it allows me to feed unprocessed feeds!

I know how important it is for me as a rider to eat whole food, and I think it is equally important to the horses. And I really appreciate that a whole food multi vitamin/mineral like Optimum won’t stress their digestive system.

What's Your Favorite BioStar Product?

Carrie Pingree and Azzaro

Carrie Pingree (Eventing):My favorite product from BioStar is Rebound. I really feel it helps my event horse recover after cross country and feel fresh and ready for show jumping the next day. The smectite clay makes it a unique formula to help remove toxins from the muscles following hard work.Before my horse tended to be quite tired by the third day of competition and would not perform to his best. Now, with Rebound, I always feel I have equal energy the first and last day and then his muscles do not feel as fatigued. I highly recommend it for all disciplines!
What's Your Favorite BioStar Product?

Sarah Tornare and Oakalone

Sarah Tornare (Cutting Horses):My favorite BioStar product is Furnace because Oakalone has been doing SO well on it for the past three years. He used to be on Isoxuprine for years and years but I knew it was not working well for him and I switched him over to the Furnace the year he foundered and I started looking around for better products to help him through it. It still amazes me that something that is “just” whole food can do a better job for him than the drug that was prescribed to me by a vet. I was told he would need the Isoxuprine for the rest of his life. Not so!

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