Radio Spotlight: Nutrition for Hooves

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Besides needing the right amount of minerals and nutrients, hooves also need good circulation from exercise and supplements. In this month’s Kim Baker Radio Show spotlight on Horses in The Morning (the Horse Radio Network’s most popular show), our own Tigger Montague gives expert advice on nutrition for hooves.  BioStar has products that can help, such as:  Ultra Hoof EQ, Empower EQ, and Gold Star EQ.

Tigger’s 15 minute advice segment on nutrition for hooves begins at:  00:28:04

This month’s show also includes a reading of Chelsie’s horse Mitch, Justina Lasley on how dreams can provide important answers and messages for your waking life, and Jesse LeBeau reveals why underdogs may have advantages in sports and life.

Be sure to stay tuned on the fourth Thursday of every month for The Kim Baker Radio Show,  which embraces the healing power horses have with humans, the special and often spiritual connection between horses, animals and humans, and natural/organic/holistic ways to improve the quality of life for animals and humans.  BioStar always adds expert advice, as well.

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BioStar’s Ultra Hoof EQ is a synergistic blend of specific nutrients bound to yeast for improved absorption to help provide healthy nutrition for hooves.

Unique to BioStar, the Ultra Hoof EQ formula includes specific nutrients bound to yeast: zinc, biotin, copper, and methionine. This bounded (“chelated”) form is known as ‘food state’ nutrients, predominately used in human whole food supplements. BioStar is the first equine supplement company to use ‘food state’ nutrients in a formula. Food State ingredients have one of the highest levels of bioavailability and absorption.

Ultra Hoof EQ also provides supportive foods such as hawthorne berry powder for circulation, bovine colostrum for growth factors, and organic alfalfa and organic sesame for plant sourced calcium and the whole food matrix of fiber, amino acids, and enzymes.

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