Radio Spotlight: Round Up Your Glyphosate

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We’ve been learning the scary truth about glyphosate, the super-toxic active ingredient in Roundup, but what does the “everything-killer herbicide” have to do with you and your horses?  In this month’s Kim Baker Radio Show spotlight on Horses in The Morning, our own Tigger Montague explains the emerging connections between runaway Roundup use and declining horse health.

It seems glyphosate has been recently turning up in hay, as farmers have begun spraying their fields to quicken ripening before harvest —a practice for which Roundup has never been approved. At the same time, equine infertility rates are climbing in the midwest, with  increases in glyphosate-related immune system and GI tract issues suspected as well. Even gluten intolerance is being reconsidered; could it be from the glyphosate, and not the wheat?

Hear Tigger’s take on these developments and what we can do to protect our horses and ourselves, starting at 00:57:30:

Also on the show: Listener Gemma gets a reading for her horse, Aryk; Justin Dunn talks about going bitless, spurless, and trading places in training; and Sarah Bohnenkamp discusses the role horses have in her life-coaching business.

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