Radio Spotlight: Vitamin E for Horses

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Vitamin E for horses has super-antioxidant properties, as well as anti-inflammatory benefits if they get enough of it.  Horses can get enough Vitamin E in their diets if they are in pasture for twelve hours a day, but since that is often not possible, supplemental Vitamin E for horses is recommended.  However, finding good sources of Vitamin E is crucial, because many isolated or chemically created vitamins can have toxic byproducts, even if they call themselves “natural” – not to mention the environmental impacts on animals. Bioavailability is also a major factor in dosage – whole foods require far less because the body absorbs more.

In this month’s Kim Baker Radio Show spotlight on Horses in The Morning, our own Tigger Montague explains in detail just what the dangers of chemically created Vitamin E are, what “natural” Vitamin E really means, as well as what foods supply the best Vitamin E for horses.

Hear Tigger’s expert advice on Vitamin E starting at 00:32:20:

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