Sales of BioStar Chia Seeds to Benefit Navdanya International

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Sales of BioStar Chia Seeds to Benefit NavdanyaBioStar announces that the international charity Navdanya, will be the recipient of profits from a percentage of BioStar’s Chia Seeds sales for the first quarter of 2014. Navdanya was founded by Dr. Vandana Shiva, a world-renowned scientist and environmentalist. Navdanya is actively invoved in the rejuvenation of seed saving and seed diversity. It has conserved more than 5000 crop varieties. One of its other programs is Diverse Women for Diversity, founded as a global campaign of women on biodiversity, cultural diversity, and food security. It is the resurgence of crops like chia, that makes support of Navdanya so important.

For more information about Navdanya, please go to:

BioStar’s Omega 3 and Nutrient Rich Bulk 100% Organic Chia Seeds Whole Food Supplement:

Delivering twice the content of omega 3 for horses as flax seeds, chia seeds provide a complete amino acid profile including Lysine and Proline. Proline is a key constituent of collagen. Chia seeds for horses contain an antioxidant content that is higher than blueberries. The mucilage the chia seeds produce (chia gel) supports digestion for metabolic horses and also supports the removal of small particle debris like sand from the gut, making chia seeds an excellent alternative to psyllium.

Equine chia, Omega 3 horse supplement available in 5, 10, or 20 pound sizes.

To learn much more about chia seeds, visit our blog.

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