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New York dressage rider Allison Kavey tells the story of how a BioStar diet has affected her horses in 2015:

I recently had the pleasure of renting a house with Tigger over the winter in Florida, learning about BioStar products and how better nutrition — especially whole foods derived supplements — can improve my horses’ performance.

Since returning from the Florida season, I have experimented with three products on four horses and I am very impressed with the results.

The most dramatic and rapid change came from QueBa HM, a 19-year-old Lusitano stallion working at the Grand Prix level. Every July, he loses energy and struggles with his breathing in the humid heat. This year I added Chia seeds to his ration twice a day, and within 10 days, his energy levels returned to normal and his respiratory recovery rate was once again that of a fit, competitive horse. He also demonstrates increased muscle tone since the feed change and is able to work the highest levels of collection for a longer period of time and more days in a row without feeling tired.  

Snow Day, a 7-year-old Thoroughbred mare, was diagnosed with Lyme disease in April. Tigger encouraged me to supplement her with Chia, Locomotion, and Colostrum.   Even during her treatment with Minocycline, she has added muscle, demonstrated the ability to withstand competition and travel without the stress usually experienced by horses being treated with antibiotics, and performed very well—earning a 68.9% at her first 1st-level outing and first horse show in a year.

Marseillaise, a 13-year-old GOV mare, came to me with significant weakness resulting from lack of fitness and poor training. She also received Chia and Locomotion, and within 3 weeks of starting on those products, did exceptionally well at her first 4th level competition in 4 years—earning 1st place with a score of 65.8%. She repeated that score the next day and still felt fit the third day of the show, where she put in her best test of the weekend. I cannot speak more highly of the BioStar products or Tigger’s extraordinary knowledge of nutrition for equine athletes.

   Allison Kavey & her horses: a BioStar success storyAllison Kavey & her horses: a BioStar success storyAllison Kavey & her horses: a BioStar success story


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