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BioStar interviews Amanda Thompson about her horse, Duke, and the difference a whole food diet has made for him.

Can you give us a little background on Duke?

Amanda: Duke is an 8 y.o. Shire/TB cross. He was a $500 Rescue horse that we’ve had for just over 3 years now. It’s actually a funny story: some girls get “promise rings” from their Boyfriends, but I got a “promise horse” from mine. Don’t worry- I married him :)

Duke’s intended purpose was not to be a jumping horse, when we got him, he was not sound, and I had no idea what his athletic ability was. Once we got him sound (luckily just hoof issues that were fixed over time with trimming), and started under saddle, I realized that he had something really special in him. We moved to CA from AZ, I started putting to work more consistently, first in Dressage, and then moved him to a phenomenal jumper trainer here in Walnut Creek, where he has really blossomed.

Duke has been Champion in the Child/AA Training Jumpers and the Pre-Child/AA Jumpers, at top “A” rated shows more times than I can count, beating out classes of up to 40 horses! This year, he has won blues at every show he’s attended, and is qualified for the Cloverleaf Medal Finals in October. He currently competes once a month in the Jumpers/Jumper Medals. The horse is truly incredible.

How has the whole food diet and BioStar helped Duke?

Amanda: It’s been unbelievable. This is really the first time in Duke’s life that he healthy from the inside out, and it shows. He oozes shiny dapples, he has fabulous energy, and he keeps that energy through an entire week long show. Duke’s entire body shape has changed, he doesn’t even look like the same horse, it’s crazy.

What is his feed program, and supplement program?

Amanda: Duke gets 2 cups of Cool Stance, 1 cup of Oats, 1/4 Cup of Chia Seeds, Optimum bars, Flex Well, Furnace, plenty of fresh fruits when available (His favorite thing is Bananas and Oranges), when we compete I give him Rebound as well. He gets this once a day, on top of his Grass Hay and Alfalfa.

What are Duke’s and your favorite BioStar formulas?

Amanda: I love Furnace, and Optimum, it makes feeding so easy, and I know he’s getting the right amount every day. He certainly loves them!

What would you say to another horse owner thinking of switching to a whole food diet and Biostar?

Amanda: Do it! You WILL NOT regret it. I’ll admit, I was a little skeptical in the beginning. It was expensive… so when Gundi convinced me, I started out “half way” there. I had him on the cheap feed, and the BioStar supplements. Then about, I’d say a year ago, after attending a seminar from Tigger.

I switched to the full Whole Food Diet. I studied Biology in College, and took Animal Nutrition courses- the whole diet makes sense. You really need an awesome, high quality feed program for awesome, high quality horses, and this is it.

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