Success Story: Anna Eller and Allie

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[Thanks to Anna Eller for Allie’s story…]

Allie is a 13-year-old shire appendix quarter horse cross mare.  She is my husband’s pleasure-horse but doesn’t get very consistent work. She is a very easy keeper and started to get a little cresty in the neck, as well as fat deposits over her tailhead. She has been barefoot her whole life, and has never had any health concerns.

Due to the fat deposits, our vet recommended that we test her for insulin resistance. In January 2015, we drew blood and then gave her 90ml of light Kyro syrup and redrew blood an hour later. The results were staggering. Normal insulin levels are 5-20 u/ml and Allie was 108.7 before the Kayro syrup. After the sugar spike, she was greater than 150 (the test only goes up to 150, so she was off the charts).

I was terrified!! After reading about insulin resistance I had visions of Allie living in a dry lot wearing a grazing muzzle and being miserable for the rest of her life. She has always lived on 18 acres of native grass pasture with three other horses.  I pulled myself together and called Tigger. I have been following Tigger’s advice and using her products for the last 8 years with great success. She recommended that we switch from giving her the Optimum bars to the Optimum Senior and add Chia seeds along with soaked alfalfa to her free-range lifestyle. I was floored — not only did Tigger recommend that we not muzzle her and keep her on her free choice pasture with her buddies, but we added soaked alfalfa!

My vet comes to the barn on a monthly basis, and within 30 days of starting the new protocol she noticed a difference. Allie continued to lose her fat deposits even being 24/7 on pasture through the spring and summer. Because she looked so good, we were curious what her blood work would look like, so in August 2015 we tested again. We drew blood, gave her 90ml light Kayro syrup and then drew blood an hour later.  For a second time I was completely floored.  Again, the normal range for insulin is 5-20u/ml. Her first sample was 23 and her post sample was 73!!! In a short 7 months, her resting insulin is almost normal and her post sugar insulin dropped more than half. After giving Tigger the good news, we increased her Chia seeds a little bit, and continue to expect the numbers to get better and better. We will retest in January so we can track her success.
Thank you Tigger, for all your wonderful products!!!
Anna Eller
Success Story: Anna Eller and Allie

BioStar Products used: Optimum EQ Senior, Chia Seeds.

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