Success Story: Ashley Perkins and Veredus

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by Ashley Perkins

Whole Food Success Story: Ashley Perkins and Veredus

Ashley Perkins riding Veredus at the half pass. Photo courtesy of Sharon Packer.

Over the last year and a half my main FEI competition horse, Veredus has struggled on and off with hind-gut ulcers. The number one symptom that he displayed was irregular manure that was often loose and watery. He also had a sort of a bloated look to his barrel even though he was fit and in good condition; he always carried a bit of a “gut” that didn’t seem to go away by decreasing his rations or increasing his fitness.

The medications that are prescribed to treat hind-gut ulcers are not inexpensive. After many months of treatment with limited success and consistent relapse immediately after stopping the treatment I felt like I was fighting a losing battle.

Upon consulting with my vet, Dr. Tim Ober, he recommended changing my horses diet to in essence “rest” his colon and give his body time to heal completely. This is where my experience with the “Whole Foods” diet began.

With the help of Tigger and her BioStar products I have been able to create a well rounded whole food diet for Veredus that has been extremely easy to maintain long term. We introduced things like alfalfa pellets and cubes along with sugar free, GMO-free beet pulp, and flax seeds. We also added coconut meal because it was a great source of fat and protein and fiber. Once the main diet was formulated we added BioStar’s Bio Flora to support the colonization of beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract and Biostar’s hemp seed oil called Empower EQ for its added energy from fat as well as its anti-inflammatory benefit.

BioStar's Bio Flora EQ

BioStar’s Bio Flora EQ

After making the switch to this program I have had a healthy horse both inside and out. He no longer has loose watery manure associated with hind-gut ulcers and the bloated look to his barrel has disappeared. He looks fitter and healthier all the way around. I would highly recommend that anyone thinking about trying this program give it a shot….your horse will show you the proof of its benefits!

Whole Food Success Story: Ashley Perkins and Veredus

Ashley and Veredus. Photo courtesy of Richard Malmgren

Ashley Perkins is a USDF bronze and silver medalist began riding at an early age and it did not take long to see that it would be a life long passion.  After many years of pony club and eventing, her focus shifted to dressage.   In 2005, Ashley was given the opportunity to work for Susan Jaccoma, a successful Grand Prix rider who was located in Ashley’s home state of Maine.  In 2006, Ashley graduated from the University of New Hampshire, where she majored in Animal Science with a concentration in Equine Science and Management. After graduation she spent the following 8 years working as assistant trainer for Cloverlea Dressage owned and operated by Beth and Jennifer Baumert.  In 2010, Ashley work with Team Tate Dressage owned by JJ Tate in Chesapeake City Maryland.  These two positions combined provided her with many invaluable training, teaching, managing and competitive opportunities.

Most recently, Ashley has taken an opportunity to become head Trainer at Team Ramanessin, Owned by Sonia Zugel in Holmdel, New Jersey and Wellington, Florida.  Ashley will be continuing to show her main competition horse Veredus in the small tour classes while helping Sonia and her daughter Ashleigh reach their goals in the International ring. 

Veredus is a 12 year old Dutch gelding, owned by Maude Carr of Columbus, North Carolina. He will be competing this year at Intermediare 1.

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