Success Story: Asta Zan 14 K9

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Dear BioStar,

Willow, our 14 year old catahoula mix, has had a noticeable cyst like bubble behind her ear for the past 5 years. Several vets have said it was nothing to worry about so we left it alone. The hair that was growing on it had started turning white and thinning. However, after the first jar of Asta Zan 14 K9 it was about half the size and after the second jar it was completely gone! That was proof enough for me.” – Angela

Asta Zan K9 | BioStar US Asta Zan 14™ is a synergistic blend of antioxidants and other ingredients to support health and longevity. Whether your dog is a sporting dog with high aerobic energy metabolism, an older dog facing the aging process, or a younger active dog, antioxidants help keep oxidative stress at a minimum.

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