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Dear BioStar,

I have a white pitty mix named Ida, who was suffering from terrible allergies. She was licking her poor paws pink and the sides of her torso were beginning to lose hair as well. Benadryl did not work, and neither did allergy shots, apoquel, or cytopoint.


Success Story | K9 Colostrum

Pink paws before using Colostrum 38 K9

After a few months of being given colostrum sprinkled on her food, Ida has never looked better! I cannot believe her hair is absent of any patchy spots and it is super soft, all without any medication. It is a natural supplement and cheaper than all those medicines that were likely not good for her long term health. She also loves the taste! I put the colostrum onto her food and tend to leave it in one spot versus mixing it into the kibble. The spots where the colostrum hits the food are the first bites she takes. She will be on this product for the remainder of her life.” – Matthew Nonweiler

Success Story | BioStar US

Happy paws, happy Ida!

K9 Colostrum | BioStar USColostrum-38 K9™ contains over 90 immune factors, including the naturally occurring immunoglobulins IgG and IgA. It provides over 70 different growth factors for cellular support. Bovine colostrum powder provides bioactive proteins, peptides, and probiotics. Our colostrum provides 38% IgG.

Sourced from grass-fed, rBGH-free cows. 

Read more about colostrum on our blog.


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