Success Story: Colostrum-38 K9 and Trinity K9

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Dear BioStar,

I’ve attached 2 pictures of Ellie, my Golden Retriever who is 12 years and 8 months old with epilepsy. These were both taken 2 weeks after she was diagnosed with liver cancer. Physically she was lethargic, breathing heavy, and unable to climb the stairs. We were told that her liver is full of nodules and maybe chemo would help but that it would be very expensive.

Success Story: Colostrum-38 K9 and Trinity K9 | BioStar US

K9 Colostrum | BioStar USI called your office and was told to put her on Colostrum-38 K9 and Trinity K9. Thank God I did! I also still have her on Optimum Senior K9 and add 3 oz of Essiac Tea twice a day on an empty stomach. The vet was shocked at her improvement and called it nothing short of a miracle. Initially her belly was very swollen. The vet said that it was not going to shrink but only continue to get worse. Amazingly her stomach has reduced back to its normal size. Trinity K9 | BioStar US


My vet actually had no words and said to keep doing what we are doing. Thank you again BioStar!!

-Mary Ann


This is not the first time Mary Ann has seen amazing results for Ellie with BioStar products. Read about Ellie’s experience with Optimum Senior K9.


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