Success Story: Ella and Thera Calm

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Horse owner and dressage rider Lucy Pingree shares the story of her horse Ella’s success with BioStar’s Thera Calm EQ!

Ella is a Lusitano-Hanoverian cross who came to me from Brazil at the age of four. She has been an incredibly calm horse with a wonderful work ethic. I have been bringing her along slowly as she is constantly growing and developing. 

Ella age 4

This winter we were in Aiken, South Carolina training her and getting her strong. I had started to do a lot of hacking, which she loved at home, but she became very nervous and unpredictable. I found out that she had a cyst on the corpora nigra of her right eye. We were very fortunate to be close enough to NC State Veterinary Hospital where the top equine ophthalmologist was. They were able to laser it in an easy procedure and it was resolved. They had warned me that Ella might be very spooky, as she now would see the world very differently.

They were right. My calm, easily focused mare was now very worried and too unfocused to ride. I fell off her three times in two weeks!

We arrived back in Massachusetts where the weather was still quite cold, and I was worried about having to ride her with the way she had been.

I wrote to Tigger, as I use many of the BioStar products. I thought changing some things in her diet might help too, as Ella was on a grain with too much protein, and I thought that might be adding to this new behavior.   Tigger helped me switch her to a better diet then asked if I would be willing to try this new calming supplement, Thera Calm, that they were testing. I started Ella on it and within a week I saw a huge change in her. She was so much less spooky and much more focused on me in our rides. I also noticed that I had not known when she was in season. I asked Tigger about that and she explained that yes, Thera Calm could help with that too.

 Ella photoElla has been on Thera Calm for two months now, and I have my horse back. I take Ella off property to clinics and she is perfect. Today I was riding and a new horse that just came in two days ago was running the fence line in the paddock next to the ring. Ella stayed focused on me and could not have cared less.

I am so grateful for this supplement and all of the Biostar products.

– Lucy Pingree

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