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You’ve told me in the past about your experiences with the joint supplement Flex-Well and your Grand Prix horse, so this won’t surprise you one bit, but I just had to share because I am FLOORED…
I ordered some Flex-Well for myself months ago (yup, I definitely prefer my horse’s supplements to most of the human varieties), and since I’m awful at consistently taking anything, I started giving it to my 23 year old TB gelding to use it up and not waste it.  I didn’t really expect to keep him on a joint supplement though.

We didn’t ride much while he was doing the loading doses–we got out for one 5 mile W/T/C trail ride in the beginning, and then weather and travel kept us from doing much until this past weekend, when we went out for a slow hunter pace.   I was amazed at how awesome he felt.

Willz is usually a little klutzy with his feet and trips a lot.  I’ve chalked this up to him not being very fit and a lifelong preference for traveling on his front end.  Over the past few years, he’s also developed a little extra half beat in his canter.  Doesn’t seem to bother him, but it’s there, and again, I’ve chalked it up to lack of fitness.  I’d also resigned myself to the fact that some of this is just how it is–at 23, there’s only so fit I’m going to ask him to be.

Well, was I in for a surprise when I hopped into the saddle on Sunday.  Not only was Willz the most nimble and surefooted he’s been in the 16 years we’ve been together, but the hitch in his canter was GONE, he carried himself in a lovely frame, and he strode out at the trot like a real horse.  Our poor pony companion had to canter to keep up (this is not normal–my horse usually prefers the pony’s striding!).  Over all the hills and roots and trappy footing, he didn’t trip once until he started to get tired at the very end of our ride.

I cannot tell you how floored I am.  I’ve used every joint supplement under the sun on this horse, and never really felt like we had noteworthy results. At this point, I figured that his preference for not using his hind end was just him and not something that a joint supplement could help.  After that ride though, I just reordered to keep him on Flex-Well.

Thank you so much for another awesome product!!


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