Success Story: Katrina Oosting and Poldi

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Guest blogger Katrina Oosting tells her BioStar diet success story:

My Bayerisches (Bavarian) Warmblood gelding Poldi was diagnosed with insulin resistance syndrome two years ago. At the time, Poldi was competing at Intermediare II in dressage.  He was on a diet high in grains and hay with sugar cubes, carrot, apples and bananas for treats. In summary, lots of carbs and sugar.

After his diagnosis, I called Tigger with BioStar US. I wanted to change his diet, hoping that it wasn’t too late to ward out foundering  and Cushing’s disease.

We have been on the BioStar diet for two years now. Poldi’s June 2014 test results came back and incredibly enough, Poldi is no longer insulin resistant! His test for Cushing’s disease and insulin resistance (metabolic disorder) came back negative with the comment that his endocrine levels which were sky high two years ago are now normal.

I thank the BioStar diet, and Tigger’s wonderful advice for recovery. Poldi will remain on his diet for the rest of his life. He is now sixteen years old and still going strong.

Thanks again Tigger!

Katrina Oosting with Riverwood Farms in Alto, MI

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