Success Story: Optimum EQ and Empower EQ for Whole Food Recovery

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“Gabriel is an 11 year old Quarter Horse/Hanoverian cross.  When we purchased him, he was severely underweight!  The “before” picture we took of him in April was actually flattering!  Gabriel’s tail head protruded over an inch and his back bone and ribs were very prominent.  His eyes were dull and lifeless.  It was heart-breaking to even look at him, but we brought Gabriel home and started feeding him the whole food regimen that my trainer at Megan Compton Dressage had developed with Tigger’s help.

Empower EQ Success Story


Optimum EQ PowderWe started Gabriel on three feedings per day of soaked alfalfa pellets, flax, Himalayan salt, and Renew Gold.  We added BioStar’s Optimum EQ to make sure he was getting all the vitamins and minerals he needed.  Tigger also suggested to Megan that we start him on BioStar’s Empower EQ.  In just FOUR days after starting the Empower EQ, we could tell a difference in Gabriel!  While he still needs to gaiEmpower EQ Hemp seed oil | BioStar USn weight and put on muscle, he looks like a totally different horse in less than 3 months!  In addition to the weight gain, Gabriel’s coat is super soft and shiny, and his eyes look brighter and much happier!  Although he has more energy, these products have not made him “hot” or excitable the way some supplements tend to do. In fact, Gabriel made such a rapid turn around that several other boarders have started their horses on BioStar products.  All of us at Megan Compton Dressage LOVE BioStar!!


                             Gabriel hind end


Thank you again for providing quality products and knowledgeable people to advise us!”

~Debi Stark


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