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Success Story: Optimum HW to the Rescue!

Success Story: Optimum HW to the Rescue!

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~by Hillary Jean

“My horse has been overweight for the last four years. No matter how much I tried to cut down on his food intake – decreasing his hay, soaking and steaming his hay, and removing all processed grain – I could not get him to lose his hay belly. He always looked bloated and struggled with not being able to release his constant buildup of gas.

Over the course of four years, I have literally tried every supplement on the market and nothing worked with any consistency. It was frustrating because he would not want to move forward off my leg due to his discomfort.

His discomfort got so bad that we got to the point of having to do exploratory colic surgery to rule out intestinal blockages. What they found was he had an inability to digest all of his food, which created a buildup in his colon and intestines of undigested food. The surgeon, who has had over 20 years of experience in the field, told me he had only ever seen one other case like this; his only advice to me was to severely limit his food intake, which was something I was not comfortable doing as I know horses are grazing animals and doing this would like fill him with ulcers. He then wished me good luck!

I knew my horse needed to exercise to help his gut break down his food, but it pained me to make him move because he was so uncomfortable.

I started him on Optimum HW (Healthy Weight) the day it was launched. Within one month of him being on it, he began to change dramatically. People who have known him for years, including my vets, kept telling me how fantastic he looked…the best they had ever seen him! Not only did his belly trim up, but he also consistently had much more energy!

He has been on Healthy Weight for four months now and continues to look fit and not bloated. Additionally, he is jumping so much better now that his belly feels good. I have not seen the consistency of his athleticism in him since I bought him as a 5 year-old (7 years ago)! This supplement has been a real life saver for both of us!” 

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