Success Story: Optimum Senior for Performance Horses

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 “I am Debra Broughton of Broughton Equine Enrichment and I have performance horses. Spring is starting to emerge, and with my horses shedding their winter coats, I am able to visualize beautiful results from feeding Optimum EQ Senior. Each horse is so shiny and with little brushing. Hooves, manes, and tails look fabulous. I cannot thank Tigger enough for all of her wealth of knowledge and constant availability to support us in our decision making and education.

I use many of Biostar’s horse and dog products with much success. I just started 2 horses on the new Receptor EQ product, which Tigger was so nice to advise me on, and even called me back after a tiring 17 hour drive from Wellington.

I am a very appreciative customer for making such scrutinized quality products that result in such a difference for our beloved 4 legged pets. Thank you Tigger and staff.”

~ Debra Broughton

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Optimum EQ Senior


Optimum EQ Senior is packed with real, whole ingredients with additional support for the special health needs of older horses, such as holy basil for stress and cortisol reduction, fenugreek for improved digestion, undenatured whey protein to help maintain topline and muscling, and 60 billion CFUs of yeast probiotic per serving to assist the GI tract.

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