Success Story: Pistol Pete finds relief with Tum-Ease EQ

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Dear BioStar,

Some miniature horses are a bit high strung. We have one named Pete, but we call him Pistol Pete! In his late teens, he began to have digestive issues when he adjusted from one grass to another. Transitioning from grass to winter hay would take months, not weeks, with loose manure to diarrhea, plus liquid diarrhea discharge during night hours. Our Vet recommended sand clear and Proviable but nothing helped consistently. We used Tum-Ease EQ with success with our large horses so we decided to try it with Pete. It worked! We have been using it for several months so we know it works with consistency in a variety of situations.

Tum-Ease EQ Success
Tum-Ease EQ Success
Tum-Ease detail

Tum-Ease EQ bars

Usually with supplements one can only say, “it seems better.” However, we can say that the night we gave him the Tum-Ease EQ bar, his liquid discharge ended. If we forgot, it came back. Now we don’t forget! The adjustments with grass/hay diet are a normal time span with only loose manure for a few times, for which we increase his Tum-Ease EQ until it returns to normal. We give the Tum-Ease EQ close to the digestive need. For example, if he is going to a different pasture, he gets a Tum-Ease EQ on his way out. Pete gets one before eating during hay transitions and he gets one last thing each night. We can see the results and know that it works. Most importantly, he is comfortable and we are happy! Thanks BioStar! – Kathryn Rhoades

Tum-Ease EQ for Horses | BioStar USTum-Ease EQ™ provides organic dried cabbage, one of the best sources of the amino acid Glutamine, long studied for its benefits to intestinal mucosa. The formula also provides micro-crystalized aloe vera, which provides a soothing action against excess acid. Tum-Ease also contains papaya, which supports membranes in the esophagus and stomach.

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