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BioStar interviews Randi Goulding, barn manager for Green River Farm South (Wellington, FL) and Green River Farm North (Tryon, NC).  Green River Farm is owned by Roger and Jennifer Smith, and is home to 5 jumpers competing in the amateur divisions, and three show hunters. Randi tells us a bit about her experience with implementing a whole food diet for her horses.

What differences have you seen since you changed the horses over to a whole food diet?

Randi: We have been on this program for a year and the horses feel better through their bodies, they feel better when you get on them. They are more relaxed. The horses don’t need as many joint injections. Their feet are better: the hoof wall quality has improved. Have not had to use so much Omeprazole.

With our jumpers, the horses warm up faster and are easier to ride. That’s really important when competing in the amateur owner divisions.

There are differences in weight and appearance since we switched to whole food: better toplines, the horses are carrying muscle in all the right places, and the horses clipped out better this year.

How did you get started on the whole food feed plan and BioStar?

Randi: We had been talking with our vet Dr. Tim Ober and he suggested calling BioStar. We have always fed high quality hay but we were having trouble with the quality of the processed feed we were getting, and we wanted to reduce the sugars in the horses’ diets.

We really liked the custom feeding approach of the whole food diet, and being able to feed our horses with fewer processed ingredients, and less sugar.

What are your favorite BioStar products?

Randi: Furnace, Flex-Well, and Equilibrium. We saw immediate results with Furnace and Equilibrium. Equilibrium levels the horses out without dulling them.

I got into Flex-Well by trying Flex-Well K9 with my nine year old dog, Luna. She acts more like a puppy now on Flex-Well K9. One of Jennifer’s older Labradors can now jump in and out of cars, when before Flex-Well K9 she couldn’t. My dog, Luna, was lame in her elbow and when I put her on Flex-Well K9 she came sound.

What’s the whole food story for As Always: Green River’s First Year Green Hunter?

Randi: Last year he had leaky gut, and was on Misoprositol, Equibios, and Sulcrafate . Now after the diet change he does not need these medicines unless he is given an NSAID. The reduction of sugars in his diet plus Bio Flora helped us take him off the meds. Now he gets Tract Bios every day as maintenance.

What advice would you give someone thinking of switching to a whole food diet for their horse?

Randi: Absolutely switch. The horses will tell you how much better they feel. Your horses will be healthier and happier on real food.

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