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Dear BioStar,

My horse is not an easy keeper! He has PSSM and has recovered from EPM. Brody struggles with building muscle, as well as feeling comfortable and energetic during training. After incorporating Rebound EQ into his diet, he is finally looking incredible and we are having fun and productive training sessions! He looks great and feels great too! Brody has visibly gained muscle in his top line and hind end. It has been such a struggle for him given his medical history. His stamina and impulsion has drastically increased. He is clearly so happy and comfortable in our training sessions. His recovery time decreased which has allowed us to maintain a consistent training routine.

I am so grateful for BioStar products. My horse, who has a heart of gold, is finally feeling amazing. Thank you!

– Alexis Pomerleau


Rebound EQ | BioStar USRebound EQ™ supports recovery from the physical stress of daily work, competitions, shipping, and lay-up. With specific ingredients for muscle building and maintenance, GI tract support, immune support, and antioxidants, Rebound EQ is perfect for horses under high physical stress. Read more about Rebound EQ on our blog.

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