Success Story: Smarty’s Hives

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by Patty Davis

About 3 weeks ago, I ordered some Colostrum EQ from BioStar, hoping upon hope that this might help my horse that has been plagued with hives for a year.

He has been tested and had about six different things that he was sensitive to.  However, he was only borderline positive on anything. I had allergy medications sent to me, and I have been giving injections for about ten months now. Nothing has stopped the hives. He is continually on Azium and antihistimines almost daily. There was a time at first when he was just horrible and the poor thing was completely swollen from nose to tail. That is better now, but still no relief from daily hives — at least 100 or more.

Smarty with hives

Smarty and his hives

My vet says that in 20 years he has not come across a case as difficult as Smarty’s.

With BioStar’s advice, I have been giving Colostrum EQ and virgin coconut oil for 3 weeks now and I have to tell you, after the first week – he is absolutely and positively hive free!!!!!!!

Smarty healthy

Smarty and his healthy coat!

He hasn’t been like this for over a year. I am so dumfounded — it’s crazy. I had Smarty retested this last month, doing the whole series of tests he had had before. Well, now he has come back with 19 new allergies on top of what he had before, but he is still hive-free. 

He will be getting new serum made up and I will be giving shots again, but my veterinarian and the immunologist have no answer for him looking like he does – hiveless. I keep pinching myself, and everyday when I take off his blanket, I actually “peek” under before taking it off – scared to death to find more bumps. I’m not one to really believe in this kind of thing, but how can you not???!!!! Looks pretty positive to me!

Colostrum EQ for horses

Smarty’s Photos by Patty Davis

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