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About Torey Hardison

Torey graduated from Cassanova College in Equine Business Management and holds a Masters in Accounting. While he did spend some time working as an accountant, he found that he wasn’t happy spending hours in the office. Growing up in Gettysburg, PA, Torey rode ponies and hunters as a kid and throughout his college career. He has worked for some of the most famous and prestigious riders and trainers including: John and Beezy Madden, Lauren Hough, and Laura Kraut.

What brought you to Double H Farm?

Torey: I was tutoring children with math and reading disabilities (dyslexia and autism) and living in Florida . The economy really hurt the private tutoring business. I knew Quentin and Cayce Harrison from the show circuit before I went to work for them. I started at Double H in January 2010. I can honestly say I enjoy my job at Double H every day.

Did you know much about feeding whole food before you came to Double H?

Torrey: Initially I was like: what is all this? I was used to barns where horses got one type of feed and that was it. Just feed a scoop or so to each horse. But at Double H there were all these bins full of different ingredients like oats, barley, flax, and beet pulp. I avoided setting up the feed because it seemed to complicated.
But now it’s so easy. It’s second nature.

Whole Food Success Story: Torey Hardison
Torey Hardison, Double H Farm

What’s so different about feeding a whole food diet?

Torey: You can’t really customize a feed program with processed feeds. It’s easy to customize whole foods for each horse and what that horse needs. I love that. We can take care of each horse as an individual. BioStar has been so helpful in my understanding of which food I need to feed more of for weight gain and what food I need for horses that need energy in the ring.

What about whole food supplements?

Torey: Well I love the bars because there is no spillage, no mess, and no waste. They are so easy to feed. Each product targets specific areas and it’s nice to have one company to supply all our supplement needs. BioStar is very user-friendly. It’s great that Tigger is always on call

My favorite is Rebound. I had a horse with issues and stress this spring and I fed Rebound and her body changed, her coat was amazing, she put on more muscle, and it only took three weeks! That to me was amazing.

I also like Flex-Well. Quentin likes it too. He tells me what he thinks; how the horses are looser and more supple on it. I rely on Quentin’s feedback because he rides them everyday. We don’t have to do a ton of injections.

What else can you tell us about working with the Double H team?

Torey: We all communicate very well: riders and grooms. We really stick to a feed schedule. We constantly exchange feedback on the horses, how they are feeling, and looking, and behaving. We are diligent about looking at each horse in detail. We are the voice for the horses. We notice things.

There are four grooms at Double H and we all bring ideas from the different professionals we’ve worked with. We all know each and every horse in the stable. We each know what’s normal for each horse, so we’re really a team. And we have fun. It’s a great atmosphere.

Which horses are your favorite?

Torey: Kanaan’s Girl: she’s sassy, she has an attitude. Pluto: he’s a stallion, he loves himself. If he could look in a mirror all day he would. He is very vain. Raddco: he’s a stallion too, but he’s very laid back, and sensitive. He doesn’t do anything wrong.

What are the keys to their beautiful coats?

Torey: Curry, curry, curry and then brush and towel. And of course a good feed program.

What do you like best about your job?

Torey: I love being outside, not cooped up and I love being with the horses. I get great personal satisfaction from taking care of these amazing animals.

What would you tell others interested in trying whole food for their horse?

Torey: It’s a lot more satisfying feeding a whole food feed program than just dumping processed food into a bucket. Our whole food feed program allows us to be able to tailor the feed program for each horse and adjust it when needed, which is great.

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