Success Story: Warhorse to the Rescue

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by Lynn Windsor, BioStar Customer Support Specialist

Recently, my daughters’ landlord made a surprise visit to their apartment before they moved out, and found a very messy abode (they had been working 24/7).  She told them they would never get the place clean enough to receive their security deposit back.

Challenge accepted.  She had no idea when she laid down the gauntlet what the girls had in their arsenal: Mom and Warhorse!

I came to their apartment to help them move. With my bucket, Warhorse Multi-purpose cleaner, and unbridled enthusiasm, we tackled the kitchen, the walls, the floors and a 1920’s bathroom.  The same day, their friend came in after having replaced a car alternator looking to scrub the grease off his arms, and we offered him the bottle of Warhorse. Not only did it remove the grease and grime, everyone enjoyed the pleasant smell and we all walked away with our hands nicely moisturized. Warhorse to the rescue!

After spending two days moving and scouring, we arrived at the girls’ new apartment filled with boxes, and no one could locate the toiletries to clean our sweaty selves.  Luckily, I had tucked a bottle of Warhorse eucalyptus body wash into my overnight bag. Finally, we were all scrubbed and revitalized.  It even made our hair feel silky and clean.  To top it off, I felt like I was in a commercial as I threw the towel in the washer with Warhorse Pure Gold, which removed the last of the dirt.  Not only did the apartment shine, we were clean and refreshed.

Warhorse Multipurpose Cleaner, Pure Gold and Body Wash were raving successes.  And yes, the landlord gave them their security deposit back!

Look at that floor shine!
Warhorse to the rescue

Warhorse products available at BioStar:

Warhorse Multi-Purpose CleanerMulti-purpose Cleaner:  A strong cleaner for cutting grit and dirt, while remaining gentle to the surface.


Warhorse Pure Gold SoapPure Gold Soap: A strong, effective all purpose cleaner made without harsh chemicals or toxic fumes.


Warhorse Eucalyptus Body WashEucalyptus Body Wash: Eucalyptus Spearmint Body Wash is crafted to effectively clean your skin while feeding it what it needs.

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