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Healthy Critters Radio: Selling Horses, Omega 3’s

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The fourth episode of Healthy Critters Radio on The Horse Radio Network is live and online! This episode includes an interview with Jeff Johnson at Impulsion Unlimited discussing selling horses on consignment, BioStar talks about Omega...

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Feeding your horse’s immune system

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There are specific foods that can aid and support a healthy equine immune system. Stress, nutritional deficiencies, and aging can affect the appropriate functionality of the immune system. This can result in pathogens being able to breach the defense systems of the body.

Stress: can come from environmental factors, chronic conditions such as ulcers, as well as competitions, shipping, injuries, lay up, metabolic imbalances, and daily training.

Nutritional deficiencies: can result from not enough forage and hay, as well as low-quality hay. Deficiencies can also occur when feeding processed feeds if the recommended amount per day is not fed. Some nutritional deficiencies are a result of metabolic issues such as PSSM, EPSM, and HYPP.

Age: older horses can have weaker immune systems due to the aging process.

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Giving Back: Environmental Defense Fund

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For the Fall of 2015, BioStar has pledged a portion of our proceeds from Chia Seeds and Flex-well K9 to help support the Environmental Defense Fund. The Environmental Defense Fund focuses its efforts on clean air and...

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Supporting and Healing Ligaments and Tendons in Horses

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Injuries to ligaments and tendons in horses are common. And while we cannot totally prevent these issues from happening, we can be proactive in nutritionally supporting the connective tissue. If an injury does occur, there are methods of treatment, modalities, and nutritional support that can help the connective tissues heal.

Function and structure of connective tissue:
Tendons join muscle to bone, while ligaments join bone to bone. Both ligaments and tendons in horses have the same basic structure and are made from the same basic tissue. Most tendons are designed as flexor or extensor. Flexor tendons allow a joint to bend, and extensor tendons allow a joint to extend.

Ligaments are the stabilizing structures that help hold bones together and stop them from over-flexing or over-rotating.

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