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Canine Tips for Happy Holidays from BioStar

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We dogs know that after the Day of the Turkey, things can get a little crazy in the human world until the day of the new year when normalcy begins to return.  Humans can get a little uptight, stressed, frantic or depressed during the holidays, so it is up to us to help them out.

  1. The Christmas tree:
    dog tangled in Christmas tree - Canine Tips for Happy HolidaysIt is so thoughtful of humans to put a tree in the house and decorate it for the cats. I don’t know why it’s not called a Catmas tree. Last year Buckaroo tried herding the cats around the Christmas tree, causing one cat to climb it, which sent these little glass orbs crashing to the floor. Can I say the human was not pleased? Also the tree is not for emergency urination or for leaving a message to another dog in the household.

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