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Giving Thanks, by Grace

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by Grace

I know the holiday is coming, I’ve heard talk about traveling and cooking and eating with family – all things I like.   Being with those we love while giving thanks for what’s important in life.  Hmmmm, what am I thankful for?  What goes on my list?  I’m lying here, trying to think.

I’m thankful for my family.  Even dogs know that’s kinda cheezy but it’s true, especially for a rescue dog.  Going from living a life where you are a secondary thought at best and suddenly being held at the top of the mountain is wonderfully fulfilling.  I am thankful for each person who helped me get from my previous spot in life to this one; for the love that pours from my family every moment of every day.   I’m thankful for nephews who walk me, and grandparents who scratch me, for aunts who hug me, and everyone who makes me feel welcome wherever I go.

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