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I’ve learned a lot since coming to this house.  I’ve learned that carrots are the best food ever.  I’ve learned that apples are also the best food ever.  And I’ve learned the art of human-to-dog translation.  I’m Grace, a Plott Hound discovering there’s more to life than being forced to breed litter after litter.

I was never much of a talker before.  I mean, in the past no one ever talked to me so why would I talk to them?  But now people are always talking to me: asking me if I want to go outside; would I like a treat; why can’t I scoot over to make more room on the bed?   Fortunately dogs are generally happy creatures, so even when we don’t get what we want we wag our tails and smile during the entire conversation.   Much of that has to do with how we translate things.  We’re eternal optimists!

Rick:  “Don’t eat that!”

Translation:  “It smells interesting and looks really good and it might not be here much longer, but it’s gross.  So wait until I’m looking away before you eat that.”

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