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How to Select Probiotics for Horses

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Probiotics are popular supplements for horses. They are often included in commercial feeds, multi vitamin/mineral formulas, as well as digestive supplements for horses. BioStar offers two different probiotics for horses: BioFlora EQ is a...

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Bovine Colostrum: Nature’s Superfood

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Bovine colostrum is one of those superfoods that I always have on hand for the horses, the dogs, and myself. I first got wind of it after the 2000 Summer Olympics, when it was...

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BioStar Hits Wellington with Two New Whole Food Supplements for Horses

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Every year when I come down to Wellington, Florida for the huge Winter Equestrian Circuit for jumpers, dressage horses and polo ponies, I am continually awed by the equine athletes I get to meet every day. Some are youngsters, just starting their careers as four-five-and six year olds; others are moving up into the big leagues of their sport, and others are already experienced at the top levels of their sport.

I consider myself one of the luckiest people on earth, to stroke the face of a WEG jumper, to get playfully nipped by a young horse just arrived from Europe, to see old equine friends I haven’t seen since last winter. I get to watch them train, and compete, get immediate feedback from the riders on how the horses feel. I get to spend time with the grooms, who have taught me more than I’ve ever taught them.

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Bio Flora EQ: Prebiotics / Probiotics for Horses

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BioStar's Bio Flora EQ: Prebiotics and Probiotics for Horses

BioStar’s Bio Flora EQ

Prebiotics and probiotics for horses have been used as common additives to feed and supplements.   Until recently, the amount of live cultures needed for colonization of the intestines was not known.   Studies at the University of Toronto at Guelph highlight that the minimum amount of live cultures (measured as CFUs – colony forming units) must be at least 100 billion viable cells.   For very sick horses, that requirement may go as high as 400 billion CFUs.


All mammals live in a symbiotic association with a complex population of microorganisms that inhabit their gastrointestinal tract.    One of the benefits the host animal derives from this relationship is an enhanced resistance to infection and disease.   Under domesticated conditions, stress factors can cause deficiencies to occur which can make the horse vulnerable to infection.

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