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BioStar Hits Wellington with Two New Whole Food Supplements for Horses

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Every year when I come down to Wellington, Florida for the huge Winter Equestrian Circuit for jumpers, dressage horses and polo ponies, I am continually awed by the equine athletes I get to meet every day. Some are youngsters, just starting their careers as four-five-and six year olds; others are moving up into the big leagues of their sport, and others are already experienced at the top levels of their sport.

I consider myself one of the luckiest people on earth, to stroke the face of a WEG jumper, to get playfully nipped by a young horse just arrived from Europe, to see old equine friends I haven’t seen since last winter. I get to watch them train, and compete, get immediate feedback from the riders on how the horses feel. I get to spend time with the grooms, who have taught me more than I’ve ever taught them.

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