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The Wonders of HSCAS: Healing Clay for Horses

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On my frequent journeys down the rabbit hole of research, I stumbled upon a silicate clay designated in scientific terms as Hydrated Sodium Calcium Aluminosilicate (HCSAS). What first brought my attention to this clay was a study done in 2010 at the Department of Cell Biology, National Research Center in Giza Egypt. This study examined the actions of HCSAS on reducing the effects of aflatoxins in chickens. The study concluded: “HSCAS had antigenotoxic effect against aflatoxin as observed by increasing the frequencies of micronucleated cells in bone marrow.” (Journal of American Science, 2010; 6(10).) The study went on to point out that this healing clay significantly decreased the percentages of DNA fragmentation caused by aflatoxins.

Aflatoxins are the most dangerous of the fungal toxins known as Mycotoxins. These fungi grow as molds on stored grain. Some of the feedstuffs most susceptible to Mycotoxins are peanut meal, corn, and cottonseed meal.

HSCAS has been studied since 1978 for it’s ability to reduce some of the effects of aflatoxins in farm animals. Even the Russians found that it helped their minks.

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